New opportunity

I am starting to restart working towards some sort of education. As my previous, younger self, I was far too irresponsible for my own good when it came to any practical matter. For my case though, there was luck in an unwillingness to settle for anything but a feeling of forward progression.

Eventually a road of debauchery/redundancy and stagnation led to questions. Aging in general can lead one to letting go of certain pretenses one holds of certain aspects of life. For me there was a shedding of a wrongheaded preconception of the ease of life simply by way of being a bit clever. Life will take you if you’re only but a bit clever.

Which brings me back into the formal educational arena after long absence. A gained sense of discipline will hopefully help me, I suspect though not as much as a newfound sense of specificity in intellectual direction. Perhaps overly modestly I proclaim a preliminary yet seemingly fateful personal discovery of the known yet renewed joys of the field of psychology and, the more recently married, twin field of philosophy, more specifically epistomology.

There was what Erikson would call a psychosocial moritorium, the term I find most apt, which took me towards this path. I found myself, I suspect, later than some. Which is fine, yet it is important to recognize certain parts of oneself which play a magnitic role in one’s life. A time of trial and error and mental searching and a quest through myself and what I value is what it took to get to the point of engagement with these subjects. I believe, with little evidence, that many people have a combination of traits that, even with little or greater variation of identity ‘expiramentation’, there may be more discipline developed that enables action in certain ways. Not better nor worse, just a way of action, possibly linked to societal need, that many people are capable to adapt to.

I though, am nervous yet excited to take this journey. An undergraduate degree is no PhD, and being closer to 30 than to 20 will not gain me an article in the nyt op-ed. Worried about job prospects and necessity of advanced degrees, regardless of either of the routes, psychology or philosophy, that one gains an undergrad in. Boring 101s and 18yos. Ahhh well, maybe it’ll go alright.

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