On the State of the Innovative Spirit (Unfinished)

Society has shifted its goals from the 19th/20th century. The beginning of the (Second) Industrial Revolution was a time where the entrepreneur was king, where innovation was lauded, and the pace of innovation was immense. With those gifts of that time we have begun a societal drift towards stagnation, we assume, with the comfort we have, that this is the peak of civilation, which historically it is. But that view is short sighted, and detremental to the world at large, but especially for the innovation powerhouse that is america.
Capital allocation is ruining us. But that is such a redundant conversation at that point i wont get into it, with the smart people going into finance and so on.
Around the time of the microwave, the refridgerator, and the in home washing machine in the mid 20th century, we came to accept that the immense comfort we currently enjoy, far more than any previous civilization, at least for the first world, is close to the pinnacle that we could. We do not dream of flying cars anymore, the Jetsons are dead.
It isn’t capitalism, or perhaps it is one part of our descent into stagnantion. The realization that the great material wealth gained will, for the forseeable future, be concentrated in a few consolidated industries could contribute to the demoralization to those whom, in previous generations, knew a job at the base level was going to still provide you with a lifestlye that were able to enjoy some/most of the comforts available to the society, if not just for once or twice a year. Social media has shown how high the strata truly extends, and the occasional glimpses given in the 50s/60s have been replaced with a near daily exposure to the decadence experianced by those with seemingly no differance in morals, or talents, than oneself, moreso based off a roll of the dice. Sure, the lack of talents/intellect of a good proportion of ‘ig flexers’ means that the trend of generational wealth being deminished within 2 generations is likely to persist, but the realization that they are truly no better, and often morally worse than the masses, has contributed to the feeling of helplessness. The feeling that ones hardest efforts have no true use because it is a roll of the dice based on birth. It has always been true but is now visual on a daily basis if youre inclined to see it.

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