Pre-(reading)-Jung writings on Jung

Jung is avoided to me, at this point in my jouney. I cannot say I want to approach him. There is only a small percentage of my avoidance that has to do with a knowledge that he may instil things that, inorganically, will not responate at “the right moment”. For me, It is moreso a personal feeling of annoyance those who seem his acolytes.
The surface level, which is all I admit I can address without introducing myself directly to the man, seems to be a man of a deep understanding of the “roles” in which we play in society. The ‘archtypes’, as they are so oft praised. To me the idea seems a bit too obvious.
I am sure there is depth, else why would he claim a spot in the top with the freudand others. Not that I have decided to view freud either, for a similar reason.
It is only partially arrogance in which I say this, too. I do not want to be mistaken for saying either of these men are shallow, which of course the word being brought up will have the reverse effect, but that the way in which they are understood, to me, seems to neglect the depth of the experience of the individual.
Im sure Jungs disciples will be compelled to jump and assert themselves, but again, let me say that my views come from those someone outside of the circle, watching the rhetoric and the discourse from the outside.
Much like Jordan Peterson, or the specific kind of sphere of 20something instagram feminist, there seems to be a level of ‘self help’ perscribed, as viewed by those on the outside. A replacement for religion, in a way letting you know the ways in which living is congruent for a sort of concious that may have previously been refered to as ‘spirit’.
The ideas of archtypes, though, by nature of the structure of the ways in which society has been grown to know to function, leaves us with just another work in which tells us what path of life has been traveled and, knowingly or not, leads one there.

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