On Relinquishing Clothing

I want to get rid of some of this clothing
As you change yourself, the difficulty is clinging to the old ways you used to be.
The determination of “this is who I was, perhaps I’ll come back to it” lingers. Yet, if you are serious about the change, if you come back to the part you left behind, the growth you will have experianced will change the way you interact with the old things that you have given up.
In myself, in a change towards a person who will execute as opposed to talking of executing, there was a realization of a need to get away, first from alcohol.
The withdrawl from drinking, in my mind still unsure if I’ll pick it up ever again, was a necessary step.
Keeping of old scotch bottles, as one that drinks often and, as bill burr has noted, becomes the “enthusiasts” as a way to “legitimize” their too often drinking. When one stops drinking, there is an urge not to trash the built up emblems of a area of themselves that they have mixed feelings about, but want to tell themselves is more positive than negative. These emblems though become hurdles, simply by nature of being material reminder of the life one is trying to move on from.
If the commitment towards change is truly there, then why would one feel the need to cling to those emblems of what ones mind tells them, in moments of clarity, is of a life that no longer feels like the one that one wants to live.
Similar feelings are present for me in clothing.
I gather these garments, for they say something about my values without me needing to say it myself. Yet, in certain pieces, there is a realization that what is being said isn’t any longer accurate to how I currently experience myself.
However, I spent a good amount of money, time, and effort cultivating this collection. I deliberately built a wardrobe that emphasized the attributes that I had acknowledged, and I knew would outwardly express to those that may not be as concious, as attributes that I was attempting to work on and attempting to integrate deeping into my view of myself. These things though, this material drappery, was gathered, in majority, in a different section, a different act of my life. As I grow, not only have I moved from past that, but in my increasing person sense of security, I have less of a sense of need for certain garments to add an extra enforcement of those layers of my personality.
None of this is to say I have relinquished a care for outward appearance, that I am grown now, far from the child of appearances to the man of security, no. Just that a shift in consideration of the kind of outward expression that is necessary has occured and in that I can relinquish certain things I have cultivated on the journey to here.

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