Today, I am Stressed

Taken with the inability myself to feel as though I can do any ‘true’ right, for right is subjective and I can not know all perspectives, I am caught in a paralyzing state.
Ultimately, I try for the best of the ability I have to create a good world for those around me and myself, but of course I fall flat.
With the worry comes a subsequent impulse to the knowledge that I have not given a real go of it till recently, and perhaps that may be the main hurdle. The life I have let slip around me, for my own selfish mentality, and the attempts to mend those together, perhaps my impatience is what pushes me to this dispair.
One wonders if when the effort is built up, if the acknowledgement of work satisfactorily done for a long enough period of time helps to alleviate the more severe feelings of lack of helpfulness, or if the path, like the crumpled piece of paper, can not be reconsituted.
But that is the nature of life, isn’t it? Getting farther and farther into failures, adjusting dialectically, and trying to resolve somewhere in the middle.
The path of the individual seems to compound in the synthesis of particular life events till one is off into a true individuality, so complex, hidden, without immediate rememberence of crucial personal events, that one can only hope that the color of life does not muddy completly.
Does a management of ones life, with a level of honesty and introspection, an acknowledgement of ones convictions, lead to a path of at least moderate satisfaction?
I am more and more convinced that no other but oneself can bring one the sense of joy that comes from following an individuals convictions.
The lack of objectivity in this world can be scary at times. The necessary parting from others induced from living individual is an aspect of life that is as worrying and dread bearing as it is necessary.

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