Philosophy is Living

As I search through myself, and the various pursuits I, and others embark on vigorously with true passion, I am struck by the multitude of ways that individuals can meet the world.
Philosophy, literally the love of wisdom, is said to different things to many. Critique, Marx said it is to change the world, others to just examine it at the deepest level. Though, as I always think, the extremes of conviction to one area are laudable, as to lead us towards breakthrough in those areas, I think the use of philosophy is most of all one that gives life to life.
I think, in creating the largest possible arena for all individuals true pursuits and aspects to be taken into account, this would be, I argue, the most immediately clear goal of philosophy. Not just the individual though, but the ‘monist’ conception, of ‘e pluribus unum’.
No doubt the thought is ununique throughout history, yet I feel as though the technocratic living we are all so engaged with forgets the grandness of the plurality in which we all live, and the bringing forth of antiquity so present in our society that we are not without an idea based in a tradition created by those with other views we would consider absurd in this age.
Human possibility, whether you trust in reason or disregard it as an illusion, whether one believes in objective empiricism or Berkley idealism, this is the ideas of man in life, and for whatever truth we may be able to find, however statically verifiable, our age should teach us that there is not one, but many, ready to deny and refute it.

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