On Curbing Excess

In my own term, I think I have finally excised the last of the worst habits I’d pick up in the early part of my 20s.
A lot of years can be wasted/curtailed by a simple excessive approach to the slightest pleasures.
One can take on many small enjoyments to the point of excess and find oneself far down the path. In which minutes turn to hours, and one realizes there have been days and dollars lost. Both of which could have been invested elsewhere long ago to already delivered compensation.

The problem is one that, unfortunetly, comes from within, and truly can only be solved therein. When one finds themselves distracting theirself on purpose, outside of the social occassion whereby it’s not only permitted but expected and there is no harm in indulging a bit, when moderation turns to gluttony and a fog sets in, then one should know to put down the indulgence.
The fog the major worry, for fun is fun, and the time spent may feel great, but when the memories start to bleed together and the novelty dissipates, then, as with even non-toxic pursuits, where is the growth? Is it a compulsion or is it truly thoughtfully executed, which should be the goal with most activities/actions in life.

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