Around the Sinister

There is a certain feeling being around those who let their malevolence towards the world slip that is truly disturbing
When one interacts with those whom feel truly full of loathing, full of angst towards the world, it is a very specific feeling.
Many of us feel, at some time, like the world is not working correctly, that there is much evil around us, that the others are wrong and yet we do not completely embody those feelings in our approach to the world. Even those of us depressed and hopeless in the world, hopeless in ourselves, carry it only inwardly.
Then there are some, they carry it outwardly.
Not in their words, but in their bodies. You can feel the disdain, the disgust of the world oozing from them.
Those are the ones who truly put me at unease.
The ones who, and you can feel it, would take down the world for their own pleasure.
Those type of people are not often met.
The ones truly out for themselves.
Often they are sloppy with their front, they do not hide well because often they do not feel the need. They value what they value and they can not see others as truly mattering on an individual level. Solophist in the trues sense, the outside world is an amalgamative vista of infinity, ready to be conquered and subjugated at will.

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