The greatest wonder, to me, is the interconnectedness of this world
The way in which we all are given to our own pursuits, and yet connected by all that is around us.
Cars, architecture, aviation, physics, math, art, philosophy, psychology.
The human experience is in everything.
We can see our humanity in the progress that is made.
My enjoyment is of these things is in the viewing of those minds that make these things happen. The stories of those that truly change the world, and those who truly live in it.
What drives them and how they execute those drives.
The shortcomes and the flourishing.
We see those we interact with as different than us. With different hopes, dreams, possibilities, capacities. And yet progress is always being made together.
In those that make change the similarities are often striking.
And yet the drives can come from such disperate areas in individual arenas.
We admire people so different as Steve Jobs and Karl Largerfeld, not because they are known as kind souls but because they are seen as visionaries.
A mathmetician and an artist both find beauty as well as deep satisfaction from their work done well.
The physicist and the philosopher both find beauty in a theory that encompasses a great number of properties.
We admire those to us that embody diligence and a forward nature that speaks to us in a way of resonance that we may not even realize yet can feel deeply.

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