There is a worry about self control.
Not in the traditional sense, but of moderation, temperance.
An attitude towards the impulses of passion and desire, that muddy up possibilities of lengthy reasoning.
Longthinking, I heard the (probably soon to be senatorially excommunicated) conservative politician Ben Sasse call it.
Impulses get the best of me.
I wonder if it the standard temperment of my own chaotic mind, yet I doubt it.
I believe, based on the small bit I know of nuero, in neuroplastucity, perhaps ignorantly, of the brains ability to change based around environment and necessity.
I don’t know how deeply one can effect themselves through will alone.
Longthinking, as Sasse puts it, is as it implicitly, thinking for more than a short bit about things.
That is what I am working on. My thoughts are not disciplined, as I allow myself to jump as much as I feel I want to from subject to subject, topic to topic.
That, I feel, is a symptom of the digital/internet/social media/information age.
It is not that we are just overinnundated with information, but also that, if need be, we can grasp at all sorts of various stimuli immediately.
Humans are not used to this abundance of information at our fingertips. We did not evolve for this type of society.
Therefore discipline and reserve is needed.

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