On Learning From Watching Others

The importance of learning through example, through the examination of others individual life, should not be understated.
The examination of a life well lived, a life of success, can not supplement ones deep experience as individual conciousness, but, however, can inform one of the deep ways in which others accomplish and approach various goals, ambitions, and activities.
The multitudinous possibilities in which may be embarked on, in the true exercise of our reason, have the limiting factor in conciousness of our subjective logic.
How often many of us approach certain activities is of a certain limited logic as our predications are synthetic, and empirically limited.
We do not see the world in its entirety. Our sphere limits complete understand of opportunity. Freedom, whether truly exisistent or not is outside of our perception, transcendental, and therefore we do not grasp all of the paths afforded to us.
Unsure of where I currently stand, I am at this point in my being, inclined to believe in a general empircal “tabla rasa”, a original blank state, outside of the framework of totality of experience, without any preconceptions of truth embedded. [Yet, perhaps one would argue of an inclination of the empathy developed in nueral mirroring, but in that I am too unversed to come to a decision of where the process originates (societal inclination?)]
In our limited capacity to oberserve every path of reason, every idea and predicate throughout infinity, there is a necessity in life to observe certain paths of living to a point. One is compelled to spend hours at goals which may not bare fruit , for improper predicates or reasoning. The observation of those whom have lived the path through allow a makeshift circumvention of having to explore the long path oneself.

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