Do people change? How much can they change, and what makes you yourself at the core around the possible changes made?These are all questions that have been on my mind lately for the past few days.
As I attempt to make changes in myself, for the better, I wonder if it possible to make changes, and how structural they can be before they change what the structure is.
Is one stuck vaguely at a baseline, in which they ascend above and descend below, with all movement of consequential effort to only be upkept by extracurricular maintenance? Or, perhaps, does habit beget wisdom, and wisdom is intertwined with the continued drive to act in the ways one has become compelled to act as a wise person; a sort of symbiotic relationship develops.
When these habits are taken up, and they encounter less innate resistance, as new things often do, does that then lead to a change. Simply, when we exposed to any new phenomena, however defined as ‘new’, that we then are not our old self simply by virtue of encountering new phenomena. However, when do those new encounters, new events, new habits and exposure, change us in such a way that we are not the same as we were before. Are we always creatures absorbing new phenomena, thus never truly change but evolve, or are we always, by the very act of receiving something different then we previously had, different then what we were? Or perhaps is it a mixture of both positions, a gradual exaltation from previously held convition, through habituation, to a newly held one. Do we perhaps, in slowing or speeding up the dedication towards habituation, become new people by certain directed effort, as the resistance of what we have made into ourselves fades with the newly emerging vision of self.
Or perhaps we are simply ourselves. Born to die in this world predicated upon the deep influences of our youths and our lives are spent managing, yet never truly relinquishing, the early imprint on our tabula rasa. Forever encased in the fortune, or misfortune, of caste.

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