On Vocation

If one goes into vocation, sure the labor will inevitably follow, but what is it to entertain such endeavors to live and die. One has only so many years upon this earth, in the way in which we interact with the world, what is the ultimate goal of that? Do we endlessly toil for the minimum, always trying to reconcile the goals of the faceless who inhabit the spaces above us? Or do we find our place, through discipline which allows us to feel the fullness of feeling in the world, to engage at the height of our capacity, and grasp what life is truly to respresent for us?
If one does not allow oneself to make a space for themself in the world, then the world will make a place for you. You will gradually relinquish agency if the soil of life is not cultivated, till the work, if attempted at, is so arduous that many will not have the fortitude to fight through it.
Life has no timetable, but if not managed, parts will overgrow, and require extra dillegence to remedy.

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