See Your Historic Self

We forget often where we are. Who we are, where we’re from, and where we’ve been. Perhaps in those moments of reflection, a smile creeps across your face in membrance of a time in the past that meant a lot to you at the time, yet now can only seem to slip back into your mind after a bit of time thinking back. These moments make us, yet we live with them in us, passively. Perhaps an impression given externally can jog it quicker back to us, but generally we have a few days in either direction in which to immediately recall from or project to.
We may have dates allotted in the future towards certain events and causes, yet generally life runs loose, as we endeavor to capture it, only seeing it when it is right in front of us, then the object of our previous attention fades as quickly as it is possesed.
We worry rather we will have success years and decades from now, yet the past is who we are now and we reflect not nearly enough upon it in it’s entirety.

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