It’s hard to admit we have a problem

Lots of them. With ourselves, with our inclinations, with the habits and coping mechanisms we have learned. Though things may feel to be working as we do them, all we need to do is search for the faults hidden or not so hidden to enlighten us to the ways in which we deal with the world around us. We imbibe, we deflect, we avoid, we tell ourselves our way is ok. There may be the occasional noticing that there are incongruences in the way in which we think we feel, and the way in which our actions in normal, regular (for us) moments, truly make us feel. What they truly say about the way we feel about ourselves and others.   
   As humans, we can only know ourselves, how we feel, the ways in which we take in our impressions and manifest them into the world through our actions. We can’t know, unless we ask, and ask in the correct way, the true impact in all of the specific things we do. These two ways in which we navigate the world, our self knowledge through our being, and through inquisition into outside persepctives, are the ways in which we may get some handle upon the ways in which we are percieved. However, we often neglect both of these sources of information for fear of the answer, or a myriad of other reasons.
    Many allow themselves to deny the difficult work of the self examination neccesary to become the person they want to be in this truly complex and challenging world. It is much easier to become someone that is ‘always right’ and ‘knows what theyre doing’. Yet, in that mindset, many miss the ways in which to resolve, or even identify, deep-seated issues.

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