The Approaching Individualization

An approaching, individualized, essential vision is nearing. Do not resist. Fight yourself to be yourself. Not your vision. Not your passion. Not who you think you’d want to be – but the you that finds itself peeking out in the moments in which you do not find the experience at hand taxing in the slightest.
You, experiencing “youness” all the time, can never expect objectivity from your interpretation of your desires. Fight the impulse to see them in that way.
We, possessing the human impulse towards generalization, see aspects of ourselves and attribute them to various ‘segmented wholes’. Yet, in that way of interpreting ourselves, we limit our vision of the whole, unique, flavor of ‘self’.
Dress and act and be the way you think is “cool”. You will never be another than yourself, if you’re looking to typify anothers traits, you will inherintly fail in some way, as they are anothers – not yours – to embody.

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